Poetry | Leo Fernandez Almero

Photograph of the sun

If you listen close enough, the seed 
sings of the sun’s virtue, something it has 

not seen but only heard from the grime 
through which the worm burrows,

which likewise learned of it from the outline
of anthills and shadows of grass. 

The spires know nothing of such song. 
They echo another tune, 

interrupting the ballad of the finches 
from reaching other passerines. 

Understand that all things have a soul. 
Though twigs are particularly silent,

the wind gasps so fast as it travels
through the fissures created by dead 

things. We appreciate the curiosity
of the sun, too. Immersed in machinery 

of skills, we pause at its tawny yawn,
thankful for that one long-held breath.

Leo Fernandez Almero is a lawyer and LGBT activist. He writes in English, Filipino and Bikol. His poems and translations were previously published in Sunday Inquirer Magazine, Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, BKL/Bikol Bakla, Queer Southeast Asia and Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. His poems were recently featured in Issue 57 of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine.

Instagram: @kikuchileo
Twitter: @kikuchileo

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