Poetry | Cara L McKee

The Bird

Start in the quiet – it wants to be filled
and here’s this one, filling it up with
verdigris verdigris no I didn’t
no I didn’t, moves on to proclaiming
the gossip: you know how they talk, I’ll leave
that to your imagination. Meanwhile

the cat on the trampoline is searching
the sky. I look. I can’t find it either.
The bird knows, punctuates its chat with
ha ha ha like it might make that into
a wee dance of gloating. The only bird
I can see is winging past the cloud

towards the sea I think. It’s still still
and I have no sense of direction.
Our little bird has moved on to little
car alarm trills. The cat stops searching
She geckers in joy then shadows herself.

End in the quiet – it wants to be filled.

I’m Cara L McKee, a Yorkshire born poet living on the West Coast of Scotland where I get to work in a village library. My poetry has been published in places including Gutter Magazine, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Brittle Star, and Tether’s End, and my poetry pamphlet, First Kiss, came out in May 2020 with Maytree Press. I still have signed copies available through my website: https://skeletonarchitecture.blogspot.com.

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