Poetry | Isabel de Andreis

every night at three I step down
the stairs through the sitting
room and kitchen then
the back door I go and into
the back garden where my July
child (who is now grown up) arrives
simultaneously on my
shoulder for a moment eyes
facing into the same direction
we watch the others of its kind they
comforted by the afternoon sun we
covered by half shade while tender
light illuminates the in-
homogenous faces cheek to
cheek no wing to cheek I sit
on the garden bench alone for a
minute go into the kitchen make
a cup of coffee in the morning
I drink it on the same garden bench and
am frequently approached by curious but
anonymous birds

—dreams of my bird child

Isabel de Andreis grew up in the US and Germany, and went to university in the UK. She is currently writing her first poetry pamphlet.

Instagram: @isabeldeandreis

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