Poetry | King Llanza

I know the ends of the earth

begin in the eyes. Ankle-deep
water to our prone bodies,
bed of seagrass
and cracked shells
away from shore. Adrift
vision in motionlessness
deciphers nothing but blue
and sky. Blue: arrowhead
lodged in our minds,
into grains of sand.

Sharp exhale to water
getting in the nostrils,
sit up. The two-way door
is always a horizon
we cling to at arm’s length.
A seagull weeps.

We are taught infinity
through the untouchable.
As promised, we become seas
of different densities,
shades of blue. Every arm
reaching out arrives, still
in our own clutch.

A Second Chance

Full moon lights the deep,
its porcelain face muddled by tides.
From danger, we are free in the dark.
In luminous water, fishes swim
towards plankton made known
to them tonight. This communion
of their feeding is in our favor.
We ran out of cyanide to cloud
the place with poison, even
dynamite to ambush the feast.
However much we take
and consider it rapture,
one cannot still
what has always swum.
The trawl is thrown, we move
around to pull. We managed to get
only a few. Shore-bound,
we stroke easy the waves
and the waves salt our scars.

King Llanza is from the Philippines. His poems have appeared in amberfloraVoice & Verse Poetry MagazineSAND: Berlin’s English Literary Journal, and Cordite Poetry Review, among others. He recently graduated with a MSc degree in Environmental Science and Ecosystem Management. King is currently writing his first poetry collection.

Instagram: @kingllanza
Twitter: @KVLwrites

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