Two poems: treesong & sunsong



my love for trees renders me
near speechless

the pine the birch the
(whose scent
and piebald
and silver
inner skin
makes me nearly

I know a woman who takes dictation from rocks
who spirals emerald energy into the earth
giving back
wherever she can
I know a woman
works in India
trees are planted
in the name of Goddess Shakti

my urban life
plant nothing

I water my
weeping fig
and chant:
I love you
you are beautiful
thank you
I need to do


when I arrived in ’75
the grim grey
slid by
as the taxi driver said:
‘sun is angry with this country’

in the scorcher of ’76
we stomped across the browning grass
in Hyde Park
(my Parisian boyfriend surprised that our
café fish
came coated
in bright orange breadcrumbs)

back to bright Australia for a bit
but made my way again
to the sun-shy Northern hemisphere
where the drear months
were lit
by stage spots
and rehearsal room neon

many suns slid since
over the horizon
the cuisine improved –
when it comes to fish
the problem now
is not
the breadcrumbs

last summer
I worked and worked
the sun was a backdrop
in Luxembourg
we spent coffee breaks with our feet in the fish pond
deep cracks opened in my little local park
widening the tufts of grass apart

Peta Lily is a theatre performer who also writes. Her last two shows ‘Chastity Belt’ and ‘Imperfection’ were based on poem sequences. This poem was written as part of Wendy Pratt’s Poems to Save the World course in February 2019.

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