Art | Fay Troote

Disappearing Homes

Fay Troote is an illustrator whose process-led work celebrates mark making and the representation of an atmosphere through art. She enjoys visualising what it’s like to feel, to experience and to sense, both within nature and the everyday.

Her piece, Disappearing Homes, explores the rapid extent to which polar bears are losing their homes due to climate change.


Focusing on mark making, I hope to evoke the landscape’s sense of beauty yet also its fragility. Using mono printing as a technique is something I love because each outcome is slightly unique. Creating movement in the water reflects the temporary nature of such environments reminding us how fast these habitats are deteriorating. Only in looking closer at the image can you spot two polar bears on the ice. In this way, they almost become invisible, highlighting just how fast these animals and their homes are disappearing all as a result of our actions.

I hope this encourages people to look closer at not only the image but also at their everyday actions to make sure that we are all doing what we can to make a difference and fight against climate change, no matter how big or how small. The love we share for this planet is something which needs to be shared, encouraged and celebrated.

Fay Troote is an illustrator based in Bournemouth. In 2018, she was awarded Student Runner-Up of the V&A Illustration Awards.

Instagram: @fay.troote.illustration
Twitter: @FTroote

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