Poetry | Anna Sorokina


Under my fingers, the earth’s crust is becoming warm.
The light falls softly on quartz’s prismatic, stubbly crystals.
I would spend centuries just sitting here, watching them form;
Getting engaged with milky, yet glassy luster.

How dare you crush the surface and proceed to dig so deep
That you stump on planet’s bones until they become sand?
Under your fingers, the earth’s crust crumbles into the known-
Petroleum, rubber, and concrete. 

Anna Sorokina is an environmental studies undergraduate living in Boston. She is passionate about finding ways to raise climate change awareness, one of which is through art that Anna publishes on her Instagram account. She also has an Etsy store, where she sells vintage botanical prints and original artwork.

Instagram: @AnnaMagpieArt
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/annamagpieshop

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