Art | Anna Sorokina

Earth Personified

Artist Anna Sorokina shares and discusses her work which personifies the Earth, “not only because the Earth is our Mother, but also because when pictured as a human, it’s easier for people to relate to it”.

Powered by the Sun and the Earth

Scan 1

Here, a human is being “powered” by the Sun and the Earth by using them every day to breathe, eat, and simply exist. No matter how much the human acknowledges their importance, they continue to keep him/her alive.

Hot enough to fry eggs


Because of climate change, the Earth is getting hotter every day. “At least I can use it to fry eggs!” an ignorant human says.

Save the Earth

Scan 9

Here, the Earth is dying (thank you, oil and gas!) and Venus is giving it a cardiac massage.

Earth knows best

Scan 10

This is a wordplay on “Mother knows best.” The Earth is pictured as a scientist who knows best what actions need to be taken for it to feel its best in this age of climate change.

Please find a cure

Scan 11

The Earth is getting a shot because it has a virus — climate change — its fever is going up and our planet is getting hotter.

Anna Sorokina is an environmental studies undergraduate living in Boston. She is passionate about finding ways to raise climate change awareness, one of which is through art that Anna publishes on her Instagram account. She also has an Etsy store, where she sells vintage botanical prints and original artwork.

Instagram: @AnnaMagpieArt

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