Creative Power | Waste

Creative Power inspires positive change by pairing the work of a well-known artist or writer with a meaningful action individuals can take in the fight against climate change. This post examines the topic of waste. 

Landfill by John Wedgwood Clarke


John Wedgwood Clarke is a poet who recently spent a year as poet in residence at two rubbish dumps in Yorkshire. During his time there he examined the things we throw away and spoke to the people who process our waste, gaining a unique understanding of how our lives depend on these ‘depressing and inspiring’¹ facilities.

His latest book of poetry, Landfill, was the result. It offers a subtle and fresh perspective on consumerism, our relationship with rubbish and the mark we are leaving on the earth.

"By the conical mound of crushed rubble
they're stacked like a child's pack of cards,
wedged apart, rocking on door handles,
neither entrance nor exit, nor a place for change
to occupy the hand..." (From I. Heap of Doors)

¹from ‘The Poetry of Rubbish’ interview with John. Read the full interview on The Poetry School website.

Buy a copy of Landfill from Valley Press.

And the Future?

And the Future? logo

And the Future? is free 6-week bootcamp for a more conscious and sustainable life. Sign up to join the movement and you will receive one email a week for six weeks, with challenges on different climate change related topics.

The topic of Week #1 is Zero Waste, offering you three ways to help create habits that reduce what you throw away.

Founders Lisa Matzi and Natasha Fanshawe say that you should join the bootcamp if you want to change but don’t know where to start.

Sign up now:

Thank you for reading the first Creative Power post – we hope John Wedgwood Clarke’s work inspires you to think about your waste and that And the future? helps you to take positive action to change it.

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